Collaborative Project

7 03 2010

For the collaborative project, I am with with Amy Adams and we are working with a grade 8 computer literacy class in Melville, SK. What we are doing is creating a blog that includes information on a variety of digital storytelling tools. We have used the resources from Alan Levine’s 50+ ways to tell a story. We are going to provide information on slideshow tools, timeline tools, mixer tools, comic/sketch tools, collage tools, and video tools. Then, students are going to pre-plan a story. It can be one they want to make up, or about an experience they have had. They will pre-plan by creating a treatment, script if using a voice/mixer tool, and a storyboard. When creating a story, it is important to have everything planned out before you actually make it. They can draw pictures in paint, use pictures from Flickr and Photobucket, or use their own pictures. They have to use two different types of digital storytelling tools to tell the same story.

Originally we wanted to Skype in and help students with any questions they had and watch the presentations when they were done. But Don Wihak, the teacher we are working with says that he does not think Skype would work with the old server they have in Melville. What we are going to do is have students post questions on our blog as well as they can email us with any concerns or problems they have. To evaluate, we have a couple ideas. We thought we could create a wiki and have students post the links to their digital stories on there. I am also working with glogster for my March Teach Us topic and think it might be great to have students create glogs that relate to their stories and put the links in there.

Will let you know what we decide on once we get into the project with them. We having been working on creating summaries on a variety of tools and plan to have the post up on Monday for them. Will let you know how everything goes!




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7 03 2010
Mike Wolf

Sounds great! I’m looking forward to seeing everything.

19 04 2010
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