Update On Collaborative Project

17 03 2010

The students in the grade 8 computer literacy class have been working on the assignment we gave them for just over a week now. Things are going really great with everything! If you want to check out the blog that we have with them that includes our assignment on Digital Storytelling, it is here: CompLit 8.

It is honestly going way better than I thought it would be. I thought that us giving the assignment, making the decisions, and evaluating all online would be difficult, but it is going very smoothly so far. Students have been emailing us their stories, we send them feedback and if they need to make some changes they do.

This week they are going to begin working with the digital storytelling tools. Don Wihak, the teacher we are working with gave us a class list so we can keep track of who has sent everything in. I also find that by having emails sent to my phone, it is easy to reply to the students quickly. This is nice if they have any questions because I can respond immediately and they can keep working. I also like that I am working with Amy on this because if I am busy, she is there for them and if she is busy, I am there for them. I am really looking forward to the students creating Glogs to show the stories they created. It is the program I am working with for the March Teach Us session and I cannot wait to see it used by students!




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27 03 2010

This is really awesome! You must be busy with all of the online teaching you are doing! I think it is awesome that you get to evaluate their work. It makes me realize that you don’t need a red pen and a desk in the same room to evaluate students. Feedback is so huge, and this is an excellent way to give them some!

31 03 2010
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11 04 2010

This is great Kayla and Amy! What an awesome idea to have the emails sent directly to your phone! I bet the students you are working with appreciate the quick response! Especially if they are working on the project at that time. Will you be able to share the final project? I would love to see them too!

19 04 2010
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