EDU Glogster- Part 2

30 03 2010

Strengths and Weaknesses of EDU Glogster

I want to talk about the strengths of EDU Glogster in this post, as well as the weaknesses of the program.

I also want to discuss ways in which EDU Glogster can be used within a variety of classroom settings.

The benefits of the EDU Glogster version compared to the regular Glogster version are:

  • Students cannot see content from the regular Glogster site when they are making glogs in the EDU zone. This is great because not all glogs are school appropriate and EDU glogster ensures that all content students view is appropriate.
  • All glogs made by students are private.
  • You can embed your work online. This is great because if you have a class ning, wiki, or blog, students can post their glogs into them (this can only be done if teacher opens up the privacy of the glog).
  • The teacher and students are all connected. Teachers and classmates can leave comments on each other’s glogs.
  • You can see glogs created by students on their profile page which is organized within the teacher’s EDU zone. This makes marking easier.

The weaknesses of EDU Glogster:

  • Audio files that are in wav format take a long time to upload
  • Glogs with a lot of videos take a long time to upload
  • Work must be saved frequently in order to not lose it during an upload

For more information: Connections, Using EDU Glogster, Teacher’s Guide

Ideas for the Classroom

As a business education teacher, here are a couple of my ideas for EDU Glogster.

  • Career and Work Exploration: Students could create glogs about a career they are potentially interested in. They could look at salary, job descriptions, videos, etc and include them in the glog.
  • CPT: Students could find pictures and videos that are examples of shooting techniques in film making
  • Entrepreneurship: Students could create glogs presenting the information they have researched about their planned ventures

There are many many more ways I see this program being used, but those are only a few ideas I have.

I also want to ask everyone if you can see yourselves using EDU Glogster within your grade or subject area? Please give me examples because I would love to hear your ideas!




3 responses

5 04 2010

Hey Kayla!

I’m so pumped that we found out that we were both doing glogster for our March teach us and we were able to collaborate together. I had an awesome time doing the presentation with you! Maybe in the future we can collaborate with our classrooms! 🙂


6 04 2010
Kayla Hanson

I agree Ellyse! I am so happy we collaborated as well! It was very rewarding to work with an elementary teacher and to see your perspectives on the tool. We definitely should collaborate in the future, that is a wonderful idea! Thanks for being such an awesome partner to work with!

7 04 2010
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