Collaborative Project- Frustrations and Concerns

31 03 2010

The last time I posted about our collaborative project with a Computer Literacy 8 class from Melville, I said things were going quite well. Now that the students have gotten into the assignment, we are encountering a few issues.

Just a quick recap. Amy Adams and I are having the students create stories using online digital storytelling tools. They have to retell the same story using two different tools. Our blog containing the assignment for them is here.

The first issue is the quality of some of the stories that the students have sent in. Our requirements were that their story has to be at least 3/4 of a page to 1 page long.  Some students have sent in a couple of  sentences and we have had to tell them to make their stories longer. Also, some have sent their stories with so many spelling and grammar errors that it is hard to understand the story. Amy also expressed her concerns with this here. Although having the students email us has proven to be an effective, quick way to communicate with each other and to receive the stories, some students are only sending their stories to just me, or just to Amy. We specifically stated to send their story to both of us so that we know what each other has received and what each other has responded to. This has contributed to some disorganization between the two of us because we do not know what each other has done. We have been adding each other to the emails we respond to and this has definitely helped. Also, I have been keeping track of what the students have each sent us and what we have sent them so that we know what we have received from each student.

Another issue is that students are having a tough time following the timeline we have provided for them. We have had to extend the assignments due date an extra week, but because they have a week off for Easter, their extra week runs into our last week of school. Although the teacher we are working with does not have a problem with them having more time to work on the project, my concern is us being able to find time to mark all of these stories when we will be studying for finals. We said that the last possible day to complete their glogs is Thursday, April 15th, so hopefully we can get together that Friday and do all of the marking.

I emailed each student and asked them how they were doing. I asked about their progress and if they have any questions. A few have emailed me back and I definitely see how useful it is to have all of the student’s individual emails.

From the emails I have received from our cooperating teacher and from the students, they are really enjoying this project. Some are having some issues with the programs saving their work. This is frustrating because we went through each program that we provided them with for the assignment and they all worked for us. We have told students to keep going and to try and save their work regularly. Hopefully this helps.

Overall, I am still really excited about this collaborative project with Amy. The students love it, the teacher is happy with what we have been doing with them, and I cannot wait to see the stories they have created with the digital storytelling tools. I will keep you updated with anything else we encounter!




3 responses

31 03 2010
Dean Shareski

Your frustrations are definitely part of the learning. Sounds like you’re doing a great job.

31 03 2010
Kayla Hanson

Thanks Dean! It has been really great working with students I know. They aren’t afraid to email me expressing their concerns which is nice. I love how into the digital storytelling they are. It is definitely something I would do with a class again.

19 04 2010
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