March Teach Us

7 04 2010

A great online teaching experience…

Last week Ellyse and I presented about Glogster and EDU Glogster for our March Teach Us session. I have to admit that although we had a couple of road bumps during the presentation, I thought it went really well.

First, what I thought was great was that Ellyse came to my house and we presented together. We didn’t want the hassle of trying to share the mic and I am glad that we decided to do this. We wrote out an itinerary of who would be saying what and when, which kept us very organized throughout the presentation.

A second aspect that I thought went really well was how well prepared we were. We had gotten together a few days before the presentation and wrote out a list of what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to emphasize its use for teachers and students, so we showed many examples of how we have used it. I thought it was great how we made a glog about glogs. Also, we wanted people to see how the program worked, but because it is such an easy program to work in, we only briefly covered how to make a glog.

Something else that we thought was important to share was the special features EDU glogster had for teachers. As I learned about glogster, I realized how much more useful EDU Glogster was for me. The fact that you can keep all of your student’s organized and that the site is so education based, makes it a great online tool for any teacher.

The first problem we encountered during the presentation was just getting our PowerPoint onto Elluminate. We could not figure out how to do it. I found this strange because the last time I presented I had slides and I was easily able to upload them. I guess it shows that everything is not always going to work. Thank you Dean for letting us send them to you and getting them up there for us. The second issue we had was people unable to get into the link of the glog we created. We thought we would just be able to copy it from the slide and paste it into the chat for everyone to see, but we couldn’t. Someone copied the link for us, but people could not get into the link to view it. We moved on and a few minutes later found out that it was a type-o. Once everyone could see the glog, it was smooth sailing from there. After we were done, we were very happy with how it went. We were both excited to talk about this tool and felt that it was evident during our presentation.

Here is the PowerPoint that we used in our presentation:

I will use Glogster when I get out into the teaching world. As I have explored it, I really have seen its potential in the classroom. I know that I can use it to present information to my students and my students can use it to present their learning to me. It is fun, easy to work in, and the possibilities of it are endless.

Here are some of my other posts on Glogster and EDU Glogster if you want to check out what I have learned the past couple of months of working in it.

Just getting started with Glogter

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Strengths and Weaknesses

From this experience, I feel that I have grown to understand the capabilities of online teaching. I took ECMP 355 and thought it was wonderful that I could sit at home and listen to my teacher speak and bring in guest speakers from all around the world. Another thing that is great is the fact that it is not just a teacher talking. You can add videos, PowerPoints, screen sharing, links, people, etc into the class to make it engaging for the students. What I also like about Elluminate is the fact that it can be recorded and you can go back and watch it later. I think that this has worked wonderfully for myself in ECMP 455 because I have a very busy schedule. When I do have time I go back and listen to what happened and don’t miss out on anything. It puts accountability on students, but when you are interested in the topics that are being covered, you don’t want to miss it. My only worry would be students not paying attention because I wouldn’t be able to see what they are doing at home. I think that in order to make sure this isn’t happening, is to use a variety of strategies when teaching online. Although I do think that face to face teaching is important, I would not be afraid to try online teaching with my students. I think it could be a cool, engaging way to teach and that they might really enjoy it. I don’t know how to do it in a K-12 setting, but I sure want to try!




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