Which tools are you going to use?

12 04 2010

I know that the end of the semester is rolling around and everyone is busy, but I want to ask a quick question to all of you that are going out into the teaching world, or even those that are interning in the fall…

Which online tools are you going to use?

After ECMP 355, I went into my internship and used:  Wikis, WebQuests, BlogsWordle, and Jing. I loved using these tools and thought they were engaging and fun for the students.

After ECMP 455, I plan to start a class Ning, use Glogster as a teaching tool and have students make glogs for assignments, start using VoiceThread,  get my butt in gear on tagging bookmarks in Diigo, create a blogfolio, try to use cellphones in the classroom,  and take a look at many of the tools you have shared with me in the March Teach Us sessions.

I am looking forward to graduating and getting to use these tools in my own classroom. I also plan to maintain this blog and let my readers know how the tools are working for myself and my students in the classroom.

This isn’t my final reflection post, but I just want to know which tools stuck out the most to you. Which ones do you think you will definitely use in your classroom?

Looking forward to hearing from you!




4 responses

12 04 2010
Mike Wolf

I’m going to continue using wikis in the classroom. I think that I might start using Posterous for student blogging, and have everything contained on a single collaborative blog. It just seems easier to have a single class blog, and Posterous seems like an easy way for students to do things like embed images, audio, or video without having any technological knowledge. I’m definitely going to explore using cellphones in the classroom, particularly if I get a job in an urban center. After Kyle’s drop.io presentation, I could see myself using it a lot in the classes that I plan to teach (cpt, info pro, photography) because having to email yourself files or remembering a usb drive can be quite a hassle.

13 04 2010
Kayla Hanson

Thanks for your response Mike. It looks like you took some valuable tools from this class as well.

13 04 2010

I believe that in my classroom I will create a classroom Ning. I also want to incorporate glogster into my own presentations and my student’s presentations. I also would like to start to get away from powerpoint and use prezi a bit more. I will definitely use google docs or Zoho( not sure which one yet as of right now I lean towards google docs.) I also hope to really encourage student blogging no matter what grade I am teaching!

14 04 2010
Kayla Hanson

I definitely agree about using Prezi more and trying to get away from PowerPoint. Now that I am comfortable with it after using it a couple of times this semester I see its capabilities. I also am on the fence about google docs and Zoho. I already work in google docs and love it, so I do not know if I will make the switch to Zoho yet or not. Thanks for the response!

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