I love “in plain english” videos!

22 04 2010

During my internship I had my students blog and I also created a wiki for them using WetPaint. I just wanted to share a few of my favourite Common Craft “in plain english” videos that I showed my students to help them better understand the programs we would be working with. There are tons of these videos and they also can create custom videos for people on specific topics. The prices are a little steep if you want to buy the videos, but you can find some on YouTube that are very helpful in the classroom.

Common Craft also posts updates of their videos on their blog and on twitter if you would like to keep up with them.

Think of the potential in the classroom. They are quick, get to the point, and full of information. I really think they are a great tool to use as educators to help students understand certain concepts or tools they they will be working with. Here are a few examples of the videos:

Blogs in plain english:

Wikis in plain english:

Google Docs in plain english:

Social Networking in plain english:




One response

23 04 2010
Mike Wolf

These videos are so good. I’ve used the wiki one in the classroom, and I find them useful personally when I want to get the jist of something very quickly.

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