About Me: Kayla Hanson

Hi all!

me and kitty

My name is Kayla and I am an Education student at the University of Regina. My major is Business Education and my minor is Physical Education. I love both subject areas and think that they both are not taken seriously enough in schools and should be. I cannot wait to begin my career as a teacher! I want to apply everything that I have learned and create a fun, motivating and engaging classroom!

I come from a rural community in Southeast Saskatchewan. I have two loving parents who have been there for me through the good and the bad. They pushed me to never give up and to set high goals for myself; which I feel has helped me to reach where I am today.  I have a younger sister who I am very close with. She is a competitive skater on the provincial team and is beyond amazing at what she does. She is beautiful and talented and I am proud to call her my little sister. Below is a picture of us being silly in a photo booth. Also, I have an amazing boyfriend who I live with and has been very supportive of everything I do.


my birthday

My friends would probably describe me as goofy. I love to make people smile and do pretty much anything to achieve this. Here is a picture of some of my friends and I on my 21st birthday. The theme was “Would You Be My Friend If I Wore This?”

I consider myself outgoing, energetic, and honest. Other than that, all you really need to know about me is that I love being around people. I love sports and can get pretty competitive. Camping, fishing, and dancing, are a few of my passions. I coach figure skating, currently work at a daycare and volunteer as a Big with the Big Sister’s program in Regina. I love going to school and love learning. I feel that this is an asset when it comes to being a teacher…being a lifelong learner. It makes me feel like I will be a good teacher because I will always challenge myself to learn new things to share with my students.

My favourite quote is:

“Every day you wait is another day you will never get back again”

…which I love because life is short and you should make the most of each and every day because you will never get that time back.

My loves:

The Red Wings

My friends and  family


My Dislikes:

Onions (eww)

When people crack their bones

Smelly feet

Well I think that is enough about me …

Hope you enjoy my blog!



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